How I Work – 149 – Beep’nGo

Beep’nGo is an interesting app, which captures all your loyalty, membership and gift cards into your phone. You do not need to carry all your cards with you, whenever you go and shop. You can also store and carry digital versions of all your coupons, boarding passes, movie tickets, event passes and more in one convenient and secure location. No more carrying of plastic cards or paper !

What you need to do is just scan / photograph your card with the Bar-Code or 3D code on it. With select Samsung Galaxy range of phones, you can then beam the bar-code for scanning at any of the stores. Simply show the bar-code or the QR Code on your device screen to the red-laser scanner.

Besides, you can get latest offers / coupons when you visit an affiliated store of your choice and the app remembers which card to flash when you are actually in the store !

A very good tool to reduce the weight in your pocket ! Just Beep n Go !!


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