How I Work – 145 – is one of the most comprehensive health websites, not only for Indians, but for health information seekers from over 230 countries. Medindia’s content covers a broad spectrum of health topics  – health articles, news, in-depth special reports, interactive health calculatorspollsquizzesanimationsslides and videos. Other topics cover areas such as lifestyle and wellnessdiet and nutrition, as well as Yoga and Alternative Medicine. In addition, they have a plethora of home remedies for every conceivable ailment.Medindia also has one of the most comprehensive databases of information on Indian drugs and pricing including data on both brand names and generic equivalents. It also has one of the largest collections of healthcare directories containing names, addresses and other details of doctorshospitalschemistsmedical collegespharmaceutical companiesambulance servicesblood bankseye banks and NGOs. All information is presented in a user friendly and easily searchable format. Interesting information, presented in a lucid style on multiple platforms. A great resource for quick reference.


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