How I Work – 144 – Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the best tools to keep yourself uptodate. Take notes of whatever you need, wherever you need and recall any time, any where !

Notes could be text, pictures or lists with check boxes. They may be for personal or official use. You could type them from your phone, or computer. You can also take pics or take voice memos from your phone and store them as notes. The notes can be color coded in eight different colors for easy visual access. You can also share your notes with whomsoever you desire.

And, of course, you can set reminders. The reminders could be based on date and time and also on where you are !! Imagine going to the market and up pops a reminder about the numerous things you need to buy. Or visiting a particular client and you have a list of pending issues coming up on your phone !

Keep is a wonderful tool which you can use from your phone, computer, laptop or tablet. Available on Android, iPhone and Computers. Start using Keep and you will Keep using it forever !


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