How I Work – 115 – Instant – Quantified Self

So how do you quantify yourself ? With the help of your smartphone. Now we can use technology to understand and quantify ourselves by using Instant – Quantified Self. This smart app on your phone helps you to track your athletic activity, travel time, phone usage, app usage and fitness activity.

It also allows you to set limits on your phone interaction for self-discipline. You will be shocked to realize how much time in a day you spend looking at the black rectangle in your hand, and on which apps !

Instant also integrates with Google Fit, Google’s health-tracking platform for developers and pulls in data from various connected fitness-tracking apps. In addition, the app presents the data in a number of charts and graphs, so you can make better sense of your time and, perhaps, how it’s being wasted.
Happy navel gazing and be prepared for surprises !


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