How I work – 43 – Floating Toucher

Floating Toucher is a unique app which floats on your screen all the time, wherever you are and whatever the context. If you tap on it, you can open up an array of menu items right there, without exiting the current app.

So, if you are in a call and want to look up another contact or if you are looking at your mail and want to enable your bluetooth, all you have to do is to tap on the floating toucher and it will open up several pre-set menu items for you. You can then jump to any app directly, without going back to your menu screen. You can customize the pre-set menus, as per your own choice.

You can also set system calls like bluetooth on/off, switch the volume on/off, or clear the cache, all with just 2 taps from wherever you are. The floating toucher can be moved around on the screen, so that it does not inconvenience  you in any way.

A must-have app if you are a heavy Android user.


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