How I work – 42 – PrinterShare

PrinterShare – Mobile Print is a great Android app which helps you to print from your Mobile Phone – Anytime, Anywhere !  You can print PDF files, JPG files, Emails, Contacts, Messages, etc., to any printer anywhere in the world.

Download the app from the Play Store, and if your printer is Wi-Fi enabled, you don’t need to do anything more. (Not all Wi-Fi printers are supported – please check the compatibility of your printer).  If not, you will need to download a small software from onto your computer, and install it. And, you are good to go !

The app has settings for Orientation, Paper Size, no. of copies, page range, etc. etc.

The free version lets you print upto 20 pages and if you like the app and it works for you, you can purchase the premium key – worth the price ! However, prior to buying, you must try it out on all your printers, so that you don’t have any regrets later.

Happy Printing !


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