How I work – 30 – Swiftkey

I don’t think I can work without Swiftkey. It is an app which replaces your normal Android Keyboard with an intelligent keyboard. It learns as you type, helps you correct spelling mistakes, automatically adds words to the dictionary and also predicts your next word. It tracks your own personalize writing style based on whatever you type on the keyboard, your messages, your emails, facebook or twitter and prompts you when you are typing the same thing next time. The new flow feature also lets you slide your fingertip over the keyboard, giving you a different typing experience. It’s inbuilt profile tracker tells me that I have already saved 33,000 keystrokes, corrected 16,000 typos, completed or corrected 6,000 words and predicted 3,000 words since I started using it.
You need to pay a small price for Swiftkey, but for all that it does, I would not mind paying twice as much for it. After all 10 million users in 38 countries, with multi-language support, cannot be wrong !


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