How I work – 29 – MightyText

Sometimes it is so inconvenient to type message on your phone. And when you are in office, your phone lying next to your computer, how you wish you could type your messages on your computer, instead of your phone. Help is near – download and instal Mighty Text, one of the few Indian made apps that I love to use all the time.

Once you have installed and activated the app, you need to add a browser extension of Mighty Text on Chrome or Firefox. Having done that, all your text messages which come on your phone, will also come on your browser. You can forward or edit the messages and also cut and paste easily from anywhere else.  You can also store your messages online for upto 6 months. Your phone directory will be auto-loaded in the Mighty Text directory and you can send messages to multiple recipients and groups.
A new feature, recently added, is that you can auto-load the pictures that you take on the phone, to your browser. Once on your browser, you can share the pics, download them or delete them !  A real time-saver and conveniently efficient !


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