Check your privacy settings

There are many sensors in your phone and your Microphone and Camera are important to protect your privacy. When we install Apps, they ask for a variety of permissions some of which may not really be needed for efficient performance of the app. You don’t want apps to use your camera and microphone when no such usage is warranted. It is therefore important to routinely check on app permissions.

To check which of your apps are using your camera and microphone, open the Settings menu on your Android phone. In settings, search for Privacy or App Permissions. Once you are here, you can look up which of your apps are using your Camera and which your Microphone. Each one will display the apps in four parts – Allowed all the time, Only while in use, Ask Everytime and Disabled. You may choose any option as per your and your app’s needs. If you have any doubt about any app using your Camera or Microphone unauthorisedly, you may choose to disable the permission and if the app will not work if the permission is not granted, just uninstall the app immediately. This will improve and set your privacy settings as per your needs.


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