Interpreter for Google Home

If you have a Google Home device or if you fire Google Home on your mobile phone, you can ask Google Assistant to translate your conversation with someone who does not speak your language. The languages you can use to start interpreter mode, depend on your device. Once you have started interpreter mode, you can ask Google Assistant to translate between more languages.

You can start the interpreter mode by saying “Ok Google, be my Hindi interpreter” or “Ok Google, turn on interpreter mode” and then select a language of your choice. Once you get started, you can speak in any one language and get an audio translation in the other language. So, if you started with English and Hindi, you could speak in any of the two languages and Google will respond in the other language. You can thus have a conversation with a person who cannot understand your language at all, using Google Interpreter as your middleman!

It’s very cool and once you try it out, you will be amazed with the flexibility and ease with which Interpreter works, with few mistakes, if any.


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