This Google password manager helps you see, change, or remove passwords you saved in your Google Account. You can have Chrome remember your passwords for different sites. To use your passwords on different devices, turn sync on in Chrome, and when it asks you whether you wish to save your password securely, it allows you to do so.

Over a period of time after saving your password on many sites, you may like to review your passwords – how many are common, how many are weak and how many are already compromised. This gives a fair amount of overview of all your passwords on the net.

Of course, the recommendation for the compromised passwords is to immediately update them to something different and difficult. Common passwords need to be changed so that each site uses a unique password and the weak passwords need to be updated to something more difficult.

A quick glance will keep you abreast of the security level of your passwords and let you change them, if needed, just in time!


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