We Flip – A Digital Wellbeing Experiment

We Flip is a part of the Digital Wellbeing Experiments with a goal to improving your online and offline lives.

We have all faced the issue of lack of attention by members of a group, who invariably keep looking at their phones, while the fun is on. This app, can put some discipline into the group activity.

All the members of the group install the app, and flip a switch at the beginning of the group activity – it could be a party, a dinner, a picnic. The app then tracks who used their phone first and allows you to see how you did!  Maybe you could be innovative and get that person (who used the phone first) to pay for the dinner!

It’s a simple app which allows you to focus on the activity at hand and thus helps you achieve digital wellbeing effectively.

Android: http://bit.ly/344b5Wt


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