Free Logo Creator

If you are in a hurry to create your new logo and if you want it free – this is the site for you. Even if you are not an artist and do not have any design skills, you can generate a range of very basic logos on this site.

First, type your company name, which the site will present to you in various fonts. In each set  of 3 fonts, you have to choose the one you like the most. The site also helpfully explains the emotional values attached to each of the fonts, thus making it easier for you to choose. Next, you will select a colour scheme, where again you get guidance for the feelings it will inspire in the viewer. Lastly, you select 3 icons which are in keeping with your business / profession from an array of icons presented to you.

Within a few seconds you will be presented with logos to choose from, in your chosen fonts, along with the selected icons in multiple colours. Keep on scrolling and the options will be endless. You can edit the images, shift the icons and edit the fonts too. And finally save them for future use. It is all open source and free to use, whenever you need it!


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