Pin a Chat on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the most preferred media for communications across the world both for formal and informal connections. Owing to its omnipresence, over a period of time, the chats get cluttered and sometimes, overwhelming. In the process, some important messages may get missed out or ignored. And imagine what happens if the message is from your boss or your wife (same same!)

In order to avoid this, Whatsapp provides a provision to PIN messages from certain individuals and Groups on your message board. Just long press the chat or whatsapp message you want to pin. You can now see the pin icon on the top right of the screen. Tap on the pin icon and your whatsapp message is pinned. Henceforth, all messages coming from that source (individual or Group) will be pinned on top of the message list. You can also unpin whatsapp chat in the same way. Besides pinning chat, you can also mute a group chat or archive a chat.


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