Add Stickers to WhatsApp

Stickers are the new rage on WhatsApp. Here is a quick guide to install and start using stickers on WhatsApp:

Update your WhatsApp to the latest version – go to the play store and run update, if it is not automatically done. Once you have the latest update, go to a chat window. When you are typing, on the left, you have the option for smileys and gifs. Tap on that. In the smileys window, at the bottom center, you will see smiley, gif and one additional option for sticker. Tap on the  sticker option, and then on the + sign on the top right of that panel. You can then add sticker galleries. After adding a gallery, you can choose a sticker and tap on it to send. That’s it.

WhatsApp pre-installs a few sticker galleries. If you need to add more, suiting to your usage and likes, you can scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Get More Stickers” This will take you to the app store and offer you a large variety of stickers. Choose and install the ones you like and start using it immediately.

Enjoy your chats with lots of stickers!


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