Smart Tools – PC Mechanik

Smart Tools by PC Mechanik is an all-in-one Toolbox.  It is a handy tool box app with 40 smart DIY and metering tools like bubble level, ruler, compass, distance meter, unit converter, DB meter, protractor, stopwatch, NFC, bar and QR reader… Use the device’s in-built sensors in all in one tool box app, handy like a swiss army knife.

It also checks your heart rate, your battery and has an in-built battery tester. Unit Converter (including currency conversions), Bar Code Scanner, Time Zone display, Random No. generator, Translator and Notepad are also built-in.
For those utilities that you use often, you could create shortcuts on your home screen and make them easy to access.
The only irritant is that the free version is ad-supported at every step, which could be quite a bother – you could buy the ad-free version and get rid of those pesky ads.
A very useful all-in-one toolbox with multiple uses.

Android :


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