How I Work – 184 – Didi

Get a Didi – not a maid – This is an app which helps you order domestic and commercial cleaning services at the click of a button. Just download the app, enter your mobile no. and you are good to go!

They have trained professionals who have been handpicked for their ability, experience and are among the best in the field. You no longer have to depend on the whims and fancies of your local bai. Each Didi is background verified and apart from the professional skills, they are also trained in interpersonal skills which gives you a pleasant overall experience. They guarantee service within an hour between 8am and 8pm in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

Didi has over 120 helpers as of now and are constantly growing. Each of them comes equipped with the necessary paraphernalia for cleaning, commercial cleaning and deep cleaning – depending on your needs. Founded by IIT Bombay graduates, this is women empowerment at its best!


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