How I Work – 179 – Wifi Analyser

We all use WiFi at home and at work. WiFi Analyser helps us get the best signal strength for our devices.

Once you have downloaded and installed the WiFi Analyser, click on the menu and go and lookup the Channel Graph. The Channels will be listed on the X-Axis and the signal strength is on the Y-Axis. You will now be able to view your own WiFi by its name and other WiFi channels around you, that are broadcasting simultaneously. If there is a lot of clutter around a particular channel (say Channel 5), it may cause conflicts and hence deterioration of the signal quality. It may therefore be necessary to shift the router to another Channel, the one which has the least interference. To do this, request your Hardware Admin or Cable Service provider to do the needful.
If you are a bit more enterprising, head to your browser and connect to your router (typically works). You will need your Router login and password. Once inside, go to Settings – Wifi and change the Channel to the desired one. Yo! your signal will now be much better and faster.

Happy & Speedy Browsing!


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