How I Work – 173 – Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp

Professor Kleen believes in cleanliness. So why not invite him to your phone to keep it clean? Over a period of time, hordes of Whatsapp messages come with images which clog your device’s memory. It is really a pain to sift through the pictures and keep what you need and delete the rest. Magic Cleaner for Whatsapp does exactly that for you.

After you install and run the app, it will analyse all your Whatsapp photo and video attachments, find those that it feels are junk and then neatly categorize the junk into various groups – quotations, cartoons, forwards, etc. It allows you to review them and ultimately allows you to delete them all in one shot. It thus allows you to do the dirty work quickly and efficiently. In my initial trials, I found that all this was done very intelligently, using cutting edge technology and neural networks. After a few iterations, I was confident and was able to delete the junk found, without even a review.

A must for Whatsapp users!


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