How I Work -171- Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb by Cabooze software is for all those who fiddle with their phone settings to keep up with the daily events and movements. It silences your phone during important meetings and also at night. Besides, there is an instant mute timer, where you can put your phone on mute for a specified time and it will unmute itself after the specified time is over.

You can sync it with your Calendar and can set it up in such a way that when you have marked yourself busy on your calendar, your phone enters the DND mode automatically. You may configure it to allow SMSs to get through and also allow calls from priority callers. You can even setup an SMS to send to the caller to call back only if there is an emergency!

All premium features are free for the trial period. Once the trial is over, you may continue using the app, but without the premium features like calendar syncing, auto-SMS, etc. A great app to improve your productivity seamlessly!


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