How I Work – 169 – Alarmy

If you have worked hard or played hard, it is always a challenge to wake up on time, the next day.

Setting an alarm is easy, but waking up when it rings, is difficult. So, here is an app which is rated the world’s most annoying alarm app – Alarmy – Sleep If You Can!

Alarmy delivers the most hectic, annoying sounds – Remember to keep the volume at the loudest. Besides, you can also setup some tasks. The alarm won’t stop until you complete the pre-designated task. After you perform the task, you can get to see the news and weather in the app itself.

You can set the alarm to stop on performance of a task (e.g. solving a Math problem), a gesture (shaking the phone) or even taking a picture – you could register a place (e.g. the bathroom sink) to turn off the alarm – when the alarm starts ringing, you will need to go to the registered place and take a picture, for the alarm to stop!

Go for alarmy and remember me when  you wake up!


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