How I Work – 167 – MacroDroid

Macrodroid is a simple Task Automation tool which relies heavily on a simple User Interface and enhanced Usability. Other automation tools like Tasker which are more advanced, have a steep

learning curve and hence more complex.
The simple aim of Macrodroid is to create Macros (repetitive tasks) which operate automatically. e.g. you would like to turn on / off a Data / Wi-Fi connection when you reach a particular place or you would like to automatically answer a call when Bluetooth is connected.
The way of doing this is pretty simple – you first select a Trigger event (what will trigger the task) and select an action to be performed. That’s it. There are further variations (constraints) which you can use, as you get more acquainted with the app.
The app comes with several in-built Macro templates for you to use, which gets you up and running immediately, instinctively.
Remember to send an SMS to your wife, when leaving office – if you use Macrodroid, it will be done automatically !


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