How I Work -164 – Peel Smart Remote

Do you juggle with multiple remotes for your TV and SetTop Box?  Not any more. Peel Smart Universal Remote App changes everything. It combines Universal Remote Control and Live TV

listings into one simple-to-use app right on your smartphone.

Setting it up is so very simple. Just download and instal the app. Then set it up for your use – select your country, choose your national DTH TV provider, and then pair it with your TV. And you are all set.  Peel supports over 4,00,000 devices and your TV will be discovered instantaneously. If you have multiple rooms with multiple TV sets – no problem – you can set it up for each of your rooms! Just remember to carry your phone wherever you go.

Once setup, you can use it as a Universal Remote – both for your TV and your SetTop Box. You can also preview the channels and programs available, and directly jump to the Channel of your choice. Besides, you can personalize your TV Channel listing making it easy for you to jump to your favourites.

With more than 140 million registered users worldwide, Peel gets smarter as you use it. Try it out and enjoy the benefits of JUST ONE REMOTE – your mobile phone!


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