How I Work – 141 – HelpChat

Do more. By Doing less ! Helpchat is a chat based personal assistant app that helps you get more things done. This could be anything – from recharging your phone to tech support, travel booking, holiday guidance, ordering groceries and food at your doorstep, providing shopping assistance, helping you find the best deals & coupons, web check-in and laundry. Helpchat can get all of them done for you.

The App has well-laid out categories and you can choose any category to fire your question. If your query is location based, e.g. deals for a restaurant, you may be asked your location and a chat agent at the other end will give you the best deals in your area. Certain large companies have special channels dedicated to their products / services.
Normally, you can expect to get a response within 3-5 minutes. And that sounds reasonable time for them to fish out the data for you. And, of course, it is free. Now, you can enjoy productivity while you are chatting !!

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