How I Work – 132 – Splitwise

Whenever we have to share bills and expenses with friends / colleagues, it becomes awkward to keep reminding them about the amounts owed to you. It becomes more awkward if the amounts are small and the frequency is more often.

Install Splitwise app on your phone and request all  your friends to install it on theirs too. Once done, Splitwise keeps a running total over time and you can settle by one big payment instead of several small ones. Friendly reminders can be sent by the app or also by email.

So whether you are sharing rent, electricity, laundry or even hotel bills, enter the amounts in Splitwise, along with the share of each person and let Splitwise do the math and the followup for you. Splitwise is free on Android and iOS, and is accessible free online. The online version has Fairness Experts who also help you figure out complicated questions like “at what point does a girlfriend become a roommate!”

Be Wise – Split Wise !!


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