How I Work – 120 – Ringo

If you have clients, friends and family abroad, and you need to talk to them often, Ringo is a cheap and efficient solution.

Ringo lets you make low cost international calls without using the Internet (WiFi or 3G). You can call any mobile or landline phone number anywhere in the world. Now talk to your heart’s content without worrying about phone bills or internet connectivity.

I have tried it, and it works wonderfully well. Calls to the US are as low as Rs. 1.06 per minute and the call quality is very clear. Invite your friends and earn credits for each of your friends who tries it out – that is so inviting !

Just download the app, install it and place a call to those in your directory or just dial a new number. The system will call you back and connect you to the called number. No fancy stuff – just dial, get a call back and talk !

Try it today, the first call is free and you do not have to give your credit card either for the free call !


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