How I work – 101 –

We are proud to be one of the few countries in the world, which can boast of a free media. And our media has fiercely guarded its independence and relied entirely on self-regulation to retain its credibility. However, sometimes it can be biased, cynical or just stupid ! So who will watch them ? Newslaundry does the honors – it keeps track of the press / tv and the entire free media, criticizing, analyzing and sometimes just making fun of them. It is an e-magazine run by Madhu Trehan ( remember Newstrak ?) and her team which sincerely holds a mirror to the journalists of all kinds. Their by-line says “Sab ki Dhulai” which tells it all. Watch out for Clothesline-the weekly critique on news stories, I Agree – a completely refreshing series of interviews. Also their comics and cartoons are hilarious. Watch it for a few weeks and it will grow on you – you won’t be able to do without it – You have been warned !


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