How I work – 88 – Dinnertime

Dinnertime is a wonderful Android App to ensure that your kids join you uninterrupted during Dinner Time. Nowadays, it is normal to see kids playing with their devices all through Dinner Time – this app allows you to pause any activity on the kids’ phones for 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours. This can be done remotely from the parent’s device. You also have options for bedtime and take a break ! During these “break” times the child’s ability to use their device – everything from apps to the Internet to texting and calling friends – is temporarily disabled, only incoming calls are allowed while you spend quality time together. Kids can even see the countdown of how much time remains before they are able to access their device again, without any distractions from schoolwork, spending time with the family, or even getting to bed on time. Interesting and useful for new-age parents handling newer-age kids !


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