How I work – 81 – Libre Office

Libre Office is a replacement for Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office, costs a bomb and hence most users go for a pirated version, which may not be complete and may have security holes which can be exploited.

So we have all the popular tools like Word, Excel and Powerpoint in Libre Office. Besides you also have drawing tools, math formulas and Databases, which make the Office Suite complete. It is totally free to use and you get a Public License to operate it. Plus, you also get online updates from time to time which enhance its security. Most of the Office Documents can be opened and saved by Libre Office, so compatibility is no longer an issue. The software is extremely light and easy to use with the most popular menus incorporated in the user interface.

Now is the time to switch to Libre Office and work efficiently, virus-free and legal ! Look for Libre Office on Google and download it for immediate use.


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