How I work – 73 – INKredible

With all the advancements of keyboards, writing has not yet gone out of fashion. And if you have to draw figures to prove a point, you don’t have much of a choice. INKredible is an app which helps you do just that – write on your smartphone / tablet with a stylus.

When you write on your smartphone with a stylus, you observe that it can get incredibly irritating because your palm and wrist keep making marks on the screen. INKredible is a tool which helps you avoid that. So you get clean and crispy notes and diagrams without the hassles of smudges.

It helps you write on phones and tablets distraction-free. Most of the time you will just see a blank sheet to write on, with the UI cleverly hidden. It is free and worth a try for those who avoid using the stylus just because they get irritated using it !


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