How I work – 68 – Type Machine

Sometimes, it so happens that when you are typying something, you accidentally erase it. Or sometimes, the app in which you are typing suddenly crashed, and you lost everything that you had typed. With your own Type Machine, it is never a problem.

Type Machine saves everything you type in every app. Open it at any time to find old entries. Filter them by app. Drag the history slider to see what you typed letter by letter. Tap to copy. Never lose a piece of text again!

The app quietly logs every keystroke that you type in any Android App. But when you need to revisit the typed matter, you can just go to it and find it all there ! It is discreet enough not to save the passwords that you type in any app. But you can password protect your own old entries, so that if your phone gets into the wrong hands, they will be unable to see your history.
Essentially, a boon for shaky hands and crashing apps !


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