How I work – 51 – StayFocusd

Many a times, when you are working, you tend to drift away to websites where your time gets drained. You start by sitting down at the computer, and swearing you’ll be productive. Next thing you know, it’s twelve hours later. You’ve checked your email, updated your Facebook status, browsed the trending topics on Twitter, read your RSS feeds, looked up your favorite band on Wikipedia, googled yourself, and lost a week’s pay playing online poker. What you haven’t done is WORK.

StayFocusd is a Chrome Extension which helps you Stay Focussed.  It increases your productivity by voluntarily limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites. Once installed, you can add multiple websites to the list of your time-wasting websites and also define how much total time during the day you would like to waste on such websites. Suppose you specify that you won’t spend more than an hour on such websites in a day, once you cross that limit, your browser won’t allow you to go those websites any more, during the day !

It has some interesting tweaks, also worth exploring. But the prime objective is to STAY FOCUSSED !

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