How I work – 46 –

How I work – 46 –

Mighty Optical Illusions – thats what this site is all about. During lunch time, take time off work and marvel at the various types of illusions presented – a treat for your eyes and ears and some exotic stimulation for your brain.

The site carries various types of illusions both in terms of pictures and videos. 3D – drawings that jump off the page, arty animations and even interesting Video illusions. One interesting illusion is about the McGurk Effect which is a perceptual phenomenon which demonstrates an interaction between hearing and vision in speech perception – how the brain reacts to visuals when combined with audio. Be sure to go through the Tests section too, to sharpen your perception and to find out how much you can be challenged by your own senses.

They have some gadgets which you could download onto your desktop, a Google Chrome extension and iPhone / iPad apps too !

Great for getting a smile on your face in between those heavy tasks and rushed appointments.


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