How I work – 32 – App Launcher + (Auto Organizer)

If you have installed many apps like me, it is always a pain to search for an app. You know it is there, but it is such a bother to flip through the screens to find it.
Applauncher Plus (Auto Organizer) is just what you need. It is an app drawer, that automatically organizes your apps based on Google Play categories e.g. Books, News, Business, Communication, etc. Just allow the app to build the database for a few minutes depending on the number of apps installed, you can even close the app while its building. Once it automatically organizes the Apps, it becomes easy to locate them ! It is so simple.

You can also create your own custom groups, but beware, if you have to reinstal your system for whatever reason, the groupings will vanish and you will have to do it again.
In case you would like to uninstal multiple Apps in a Category, or the entire category, App Launcher + will help you do that in a jiffy !

A great tool for those with a large repository of apps !


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