How I work – 9 – Amazon Kindle

Everyone has heard of the Amazon Kindle – a book reader which costs about Rs. 17,500 on which you can read a zillion books by downloading them, some free and some paid for. Your smartphone can double up as a Kindle Book Reader. Just download the app and you are ready to use your Smartphone as a book reader ! Apart from reading a variety of books, you can bookmark the pages, increase / decrease the fonts, highlight portions of text and add your personalised notes to any section ! Further, if you want to know the meaning of a word, you can look up the dictionary right there. You can Search for words or phrases within the book, in Wikipedia or on the Web, right from your reading page.
As I said earlier, the books can be free or paid for. So how does one reach out for free books available on Kindle ? Head straight to and you will get a list of hundreds of books at zero price ! So go ahead – HAPPY READING FOR FREE !


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