How I work – 22 – LastPass

We need to be secure when we are online, and the best security is your password. The password needs to be strong, not a dictionary word, difficult to guess and having Upper / Lower case characters with numbers and special characters. Most of all, we need to have different passwords for different sites that we access! A tall order ?
Not really with LastPass. LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure. Head to, and install the same on your computer and Firefox and Chrome Browsers. You enter LastPass by creating a master password for yourself, and that is the last password that you will have to ever remember !  The system then generates and remembers all passwords on any site that you visit, including mails, banking sites, shopping sites etc. etc. The auto-generated passwords are very strong and almost impossible to crack – so much so, that you yourself will never be able to remember them. In case you are travelling, you can go online and pick up your passwords.
Remember though, that if you forget your master password, nobody can help you, and you will just have to delete your account and start afresh.
Enjoy safe browsing now onwards, with LastPass at your command !


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