How I work – 18 – I’m Sleeping

I often get disturbed late night by unwanted, unimportant calls. Also, many a times, I get a wrong number at 2.30 am ! Sounds familiar ?

Well, this app helps you avoid such situations. Aptly called “I’m Sleeping”, once you activate it, and set your sleeping time (going to bed and waking up), it will put your phone automatically into silent mode during those times. So no more annoying late night calls !

But, what if there is an emergency ? Well, you have an option for setting a whitelist of  numbers which can call you any time of the day or night. So you need not worry about missing a single call from your old mother or your loving son from anywhere in the world. There is also another setting which allows calls to get through, if the caller is repeatedly dialling your number.

A great app for sleeping soundly !


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