How I work – 4 – Google Calendar

How I work – 4 – Google Calendar

If you are a regular user of GMail (425 million active users – why not you ?), I have a bunch of productivity tools lined up for you. One of the most used is the Google Calendar. It helps you organize your life seamlessly !
Simple Calendar options are there by default. You can also set it to send you SMS reminders for your appointments, on your phone for FREE ! (Don’t ask me how they manage to do it). If someone sends you a mail which has the time date and place for a possible meeting, you have the option to directly add it to your calendar from your Inbox itself – no need to manually add it to your calendar. Recurring appointments and reminders are a breeze. Many more features are inbuilt for you to explore, but then I would run out of space here !  Google Calendar is also now available as an App for download on Android devices – and it remains synced always.

Just try it, I’m sure you will be hooked – don’t tell me you were not warned !

Write to me at if you would like to have more GMail productivity tools and I will cover them in my future columns


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