Solve Crosswords easily !

Dominate in any word game – Scrabble, Crosswords or any other that you may please. That is the simple objective of this simple website.

It works in two modes – simple or crossword. In the simple mode, you just use “?” for one missing letter: pu?zle. Use “*” for any number of letters: p*zle. Or combine: cros?w*d ; and hit the Search Key. Voila ! You have the possible word(s) in front of you. It is that simple. This can be used for Scrabble and other word games, where there are no limitations to the size of the word you are building.

In the Crossword mode, you have a limitation on the number of letters in a word. So you begin with selecting the no.
of letters for the word, enter those letters that you already have in place, and hit the Search Key. You will instantly get the possible word(s) listed on your screen. Then match them with the clues that you already have. And now, you are on your way to becoming a Crossword champ !

So this Sunday, pick up the toughest crosswords available, and with a little bit of help from, become  a pro at solving them. And don’t forget to show off your new-found  skills to your friends

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