1st of March was a Bank Holiday on account of Holi. So I thought of relaxing and watching a movie on TV. I searched for the day’s newspaper, wanting to look up the films being aired for the day. But since the newspaper offices were also closed the previous day, there was no newspaper edition for the day ! I went looking for the online edition of the Times Of India – no luck there either – It said “Sorry, there is no edition for the day” So I started looking for a site which would give me what I needed at that moment.

I found many sites which gave information in different ways. This site – http://www.whatsonindia.com is very user-friendly and gives most of the popular TV Channels and their programs online. On the home page itself, it latches on to the date and time when you login and shows you the current TV programs being aired ! If you move your mouse over the names of the programs, a brief description is made available – to give you a hint on what’s in store. What’s more, you can customize your TV Guide – You can select the type of Channel you would like to look for e.g. Hindi Movies, Kids, Business News, English Movies, Gujarati, and many more. Further, you can filter by date to find the TV programs only for a particular day.

Another interesting aspect is that you can select your TV Service Provider such as Airtel, Tata Sky, Dish TV or BIG TV. Once having selected the provider, you can also select the package that you have opted for – and presto ! You will get a program guide customized to your requirement for that Provider for that Package !

There is more – you can browse by Channels, look up Featured Lists and also Viewer’s Choices ! You can sign in for free and create your own Profile in terms of likes and dislikes, which will customize the views when you next visit the site.

And to spoil you totally, you have an option to remind yourself by SMS or Email – Click on Remind Me or Remind a Friend, enter the Mobile no. and / or email id, and how many minutes before the program time you would like to be reminded – and you will get an SMS or Email at the right time ! This can be extended to repeats of the same program also. What’s more – you may never miss your favorite show, movie or actor again.!!!  Enter a keyword and whenever they find a match for it in a program title or cast, they will send you a reminder.

With all this, we might as well say goodbye to the Newspaper TV lists and go online, have a lazy Sunday !


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