A very important part of time management is to get organized. And a very important part of being organized is to make lists and reminders. So where does one start the day ? Right at the beginning of the day – !

Truly, (RTM) re-invents the to-do list. You can manage tasks from just anywhere. With a simple signup process, you are good to go ! Once you login, it may be a good idea to browse around, add contacts or groups and add your first task. You can add a due date (and time), the duration, the location and the priority. You can also share the task with your girl friend (if it is meant for 2) or share it with a Group (if it is a team job, at work).

You can set the priority of the tasks that you define. RTM will list out the high priority tasks for you, if you wish to. Also, you can separate the lists as Personal, Work, Study, etc. This helps in concentrating on the work related tasks while at work, so that the birthday gift for your boyfriend does not nag you ! You can go offline anytime and your tasks will be synced whenever you login online ! You do not need the Internet Connection all the time.

What good is a Task List if there are no reminders ? RTM reminds you by email to your designated account, SMS(not in India yet, sorry), Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger – the way you want it to be, for each task. You can even integrate the tasks with Google Calendar. Whats more, if you miss out on the task, it will show it as overdue. There is an option to postpone the task, if you so desire, and, very smartly, RTM will tell you how many times you have had it postponed !  (remember the exercise routine ? ). Searching through the To-Do Lists is a breeze – just try it to experience it.

MilkSync is a super cool way to synchronize your RTM tasks with other software and devices. It’s currently available for: BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. This is only available if you go for the Pro version – which needs to be paid for. But no need to despair, the Free version has so much power that you may never need to go for the Pro version.

So now, when the wife tells you to buy groceries on the way home or the boss wants the project to be completed on a certain date, you have no excuse !


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