One of the best and lightest image viewers that I have come across is Irfanview – available free at

IrfanView is very fast, small, compact and innovative and hence, very popular too. It is very simple for beginners and powerful for professionals. It creates new and/or interesting features in its own way. You need no knowledge of any graphic programs when you use Irfanview. Just download it, install it and run it – as simple as that. The variety of graphic files it can handle, is to be seen to be believed. And coupled with the Plugins / Addons available, it can manage multimedia audio and video files too.

Although primarily it is a viewer, it gives some basic but powerful image editing options too – you can adjust the brightness, contrast and color of your image at the touch of a button with a visual preview online. Rotation and giving special effects to your images like a professional, is a breeze. Format conversion, is as simple as clicking on Save As, and re-sizing your large camera images before uploading online, is child’s play. The batch-processing mode helps you run several repetitive tasks, like re-sizing of hundreds of photos, in a single click.

An added bonus is that you can play slide-shows of your favorite pictures and also play movies in a large range of formats – which used to be a daunting task for the lay user.

Capturing snapshots of your screen, running the multi-image viewer, flipping images – one can go on and on. All this, and much more, is available in a very light, easy to use, intuitively designed interface.

Now, go ahead, be a PRO at image viewing and editing with Irfanview.


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