Are you ready for VoIP ?

So does the abbreviation VoIP leave you dumb struck? Don’t worry; even I was when I heard about it for the first time. The clouds parted when I discovered what it stands for: Voice over Internet Protocol.

International calls are still not dirt cheap and now that the world has PC’s and Internet connection, you can easily download software that enables you to make phone calls using the Internet! Yes, you read it right. Make phone calls using Internet. Just need to catch hold of an IP phone and a software like Skype or GoogleTalk and you are ready for a futuristic roller coaster experience!

Calling anywhere on Earth for three or four rupees a minute – at most, is a pretty good idea, and one that’s catching on big time. VoIP, in layman’s terms is the use of certain hardware and software that makes you call up any other person on this planet. Thereafter, you only need a good headset to have a chat and assuming of course, that you have a multimedia PC.

You can do it in either of the following of two ways: by going to a site like or perhaps your own Internet service provider’s site (if they offer the service), or by just picking up an IP phone at a broadband Internet cafĂ© like sify. If you make the call using your computer all you have to do is to go to the website, buy a prepaid package that suits you using your credit card, and enter the destination number.

Another way is Skype or GoogleTalk.

Skype is a free software for Internet phoning. It’s so simple that even technophobia can’t be an excuse. Go to, click on the download link, save the programme on your desktop, open it and double click on the installation file. Once Skype is installed, take out your last month’s phone bill and have a good laugh.

With Skype, you can call another Skype-user anywhere in the world for free (you only pay for the net usage, not calls). Skype has an option for landline calls that requires payment charges depend on where you are calling. But rates are still cheaper than landline costs.

The voice may break or come in snatches if the connection is slow. My experience has been that if your soundcard, microphone and headsets are of good quality, Skype gives you fairly good service.

The flip side is, if you are calling Skype-to-Skype, the called party will have to be online and pretty near the computer. Similarly, if a Skype-contact calls you and you are offline or online but missing about in the other room, you’ll miss the call.

The process is much the same with GoogleTalk.

Enjoy !

Courtesy : Yazdi Tantra


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