MS Word Line Numbers

Sometimes it can be helpful to add line numbers in the left margin of a Word document. Reviewers can then refer to the exact location of some text instead of giving a general description eg “near the top of the 4th page.”

When the Line Numbering feature is turned on you can print or email the file so that the reviewers can open the file with the line numbers displayed.

To turn on line numbering

  1. Click File, Page Setup
  2. Click the Layout tab, then select the Line Numbers button
  3. Within the Line Numbers box, click before “Add Line Numbering”
  4. Make your selections
    If you want the entire document to have line numbering then you would choose “Continuous”.
    Select “Restart each page” if you want to re-number each page beginning with the same number, such as 1.
    Use the “Count by” box to skip lines. For example, type in the number 10 if you only want a number placed next to every 10th line.
  5. Click OK and line numbers are applied to the file.

courtesy : Kersi Mody


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