Moving Excel Sheets – Very Easy !!

Moving Right Next Door

As I’m sure we all know, you can rearrange worksheets in an MS Excel file with a simple click-hold-and-drag of the sheet tab.

But, did you know that you can also move worksheets from one workbook to another using the same method?
Well, good news, you can, and it’s really as easy as it sounds.
First, open both workbooks. (The one with the worksheet and the one to which the worksheet needs to be relocated).
Next, arrange your workbooks side by side using the Window menu, Arrange choice and then making a choice from the Arrange window. Click OK.
Next, you need to click and hold the sheet tab to be moved.
Now, still holding down the left mouse button, drag the sheet tab into the other file.
You’ll see the small triangle that appears when a sheet is moved, so you can tell where it will be located.
When it’s where you need it to be, simply release the mouse button.
The sheet is moved from one workbook to another. No fuss, no muss!


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