World Time Clock

Dear Friends,

Many people want a good and quick world time clock (including adjustments for Summer & Winter – which I personally find most confusing) on their Browser.
I like to use the clock available at this location :

Click on the first link for configuration, add the cities which you need to have, and bookmark the link. Any time you want to look up the time in those cities, you just have to click on the bookmark and the current time in those cities is available right on your browser.

Browse around the site and you will get very interesting information like :

* Search for city – and include it in your Personal World Clock
* The World Clock Meeting Planner
* Time Zone Converter – If it’s 3 pm in New York, what time is it in Sydney?
* Fixed Time Calculator – If it’s 3 pm in New York, what time is it in the rest of the world?

Good, fast and easy !


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