GBoard – revisited

We had reviewed and recommended GBoard as our first choice for keyboards on Android. Since then, GBoard has gone on improving. As being one of the best keyboards, it now incorporates the following features:

  • Glide Typing – you can type faster by sliding your finger over the characters rather than tapping them individually
  • Voice Typing – You can easily dictate whatever you wish to type – whether it is a message or a mail or even a long essay / letter.
  • Multilingual Typing – You need not switch between languages manually – Gboard will autocorrect and suggest from any of your enabled languages
  • Translate – you can translate as you type on your keyboard
  • Inbuilt Clipboard Manager – this is one of the interesting recent additions to the keyboard – there is an inbuilt clipboard manager which stores upto 5 snippets in the Clipboard. Whatever you copy on your phone, is stored there for upto an hour. And you could re-use it any time within that time frame. If you wish to store a clip beyond the hour limitation, you can pin it and it will remain there forever!
    Truly a versatile keyboard, which includes Emojis, GIFs, Cursor Control and much more! A must have for your Android Device.
    Android :

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