Enlight Quickshot

EnlightYou no longer need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos! Most of the time we click photographs spontaneously, but the shot you take may not be the one you expected! Enlight helps you correct that post facto!

Quickshot allows you to replace the sky in your photos, with a new sky! Blue Skies, clouds, sunsets, even add northern lights to your pics. Also, you may add tons of special effects – from light leaks to rainbows, sparkles, hearts and more. You also have a full collection of editing tools – brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation, etc., which gives you full control over your photos.

Use quickshot to turn your photos into professional selfies, landscapes, etc.

Android : https://bit.ly/334jnzH      iOS: https://apple.co/3j77zm1

Gmail co-pilot by cloudHQ


Gmail co-pilot is a Chrome Extension which is a mini-CRM that lets you see a snapshot view of your email contact’s profile information, and any past email conversations you have had with that contact. This helps you to respond intelligently and helps you dramatically cut down your search time when you are looking for past email conversations with your email contact.

With this extension, you can immediately view the profile information of your email contact. You can even make private notes about the contact (follow up notes, support notes, etc.) and also setup reminder alarms for the same. Apart from the conversation history, you can also get a list of all documents and attachments related to that contact.

Install this extension and have a mini-CRM running right from your Gmail account! Extremely simple and powerful.


Toucan Chrome Extension is a free Chrome Extension that helps you learn a language without even trying. Once you install the extension, choose the language that you wish to learn – current options are Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian. You also choose the topics that you are interested in.

After that, just browse the web normally. When you point to any word on your webpage, it will show you the translation in the language of your choice. This will help you learn as you browse. You will pick up the vocabulary faster when you see it in context. There are even quizzes and games which help you sharpen your language skills as you move along. You can measure your daily progress and earn achievements that measure your skill level on the go.

Learn efficiently and productively – just install for free and start learning a new language in seconds!


McKinsey Insights


The McKinsey Insights app offers business insights and analysis on the biggest issues facing senior executives today–from leadership and corporate strategy to the future of work and AI’s impact on business and society. In addition, explore new articles on digitization, marketing, and analytics, across industries such as consumer goods, financial services, and tech. In fresh content updated daily, McKinsey consultants and contributing experts look at the latest in climate change, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, organizational restructuring, bringing data to bear on business strategy, and more. Content includes articles from McKinsey Quarterly, reports from the McKinsey Global Institute, podcasts, and videos.

This app allows you to view recent and most popular content, save articles for offline reading and register to personalize your app experience.

The best part is that all content is free!  Go ahead, get insights into your business and professional world today!

Android: https://bit.ly/2Q1Un4T   iOS : https://apple.co/3l2fylN

Pocket Casts – Podcast Player

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the better Podcast Players out on the Android Play Store. It provides next-level listening, search and discovery tools. It has powerful playback functions, with an automatic playback queue from your favourite songs. If you sign-in, you can have the Up-Next queue synced across your devices.

You can even trim the silence between episodes and vary the speed of your listening. A Volume Boost function can increase the volume of voices and decrease the background noise. It offers controls on Android Wear so that you do not have to reach out to your phone for skipping episodes or volume control. A sleep timer allows you to pause the episode while you rest. And, you can cast your podcast to your TV with a Chromecast to enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

A great podcast player, worth trying out

Android: https://bit.ly/2E9JDii     iOS : https://apple.co/2CH4zwI

GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture


This is a Chrome Extension which helps you capture a screenshot of your current web-page in its entirety. Quite often, it is a pain to capture the full screen of a webpage when it is several screens long. This simple extension solves the problem elegantly.

The simplest way to take a full page screenshot of your current browser window is to click on the extension icon (or press Alt+Shift+P), watch the extension capture each part of the page, and be transported to a new tab of your screenshot where you can download it as an image or PDF or even just drag it to your desktop. There are no bloat, no ads, no unnecessary permissions, just a simple way to turn a full web page into an image!

The advanced screen capture technology handles complex pages—including inner scrollable elements as well as embedded iframes—unlike any other extension.

So, go ahead and install this extension – improve your efficiency!


Many a times we take photos of friends and family, and so much unwantedRemove.bg background creeps in, especially in public places. This website just removes the background, easily and efficiently.

Just head to the website remove.bg and upload your pic. The site will convert it and give you a transparent background immediately, which you can download and keep it for further use. It also has an option to add other, pre-defined backgrounds and splendid effects, which may enhance your image.

Whether you’re cutting out selfies, product photos or portrait shots, remove.bg handles challenging edges (such as the notorious hair) and other tricky conditions exceptionally well. If you wish to convert multiple photos, you could run the conversion in batch mode and each pic takes just seconds to convert!

The paid version has more options and hi-res images also, but for most of our day to day use, the free version should suffice.

So, go ahead, remove that unwanted background now – it’s extremely simple!

Speech Timer

Speech Timer

If you are a regular speaker and have difficulty in timing your speeches, this is the right app for you. It sports a color-coded countdown timer, which shows you how much time you have left to complete your speech.

There are several buttons for configuring standard predefined time settings for the green, yellow and red progress signals. You may touch a time setting display to adjust the time setting for a custom time value at any time before starting a speech.

Hitting “Start” will time the speech and progress through white, green, yellow and red progress signals, with an optional disqualification signal. Hitting “Stop” will stop the timer and display the speech time.

The first letter of the color is also displayed for color blind users. Sound and vibrate preferences are provided for blind speakers. A preference to control display of time during speech to better conform to Toastmaster International ™ practices. Two custom time buttons may be configured in preferences.

A very nifty tool for those who routinely overstep their defined time-limits!

Android: https://bit.ly/3jVHkje       iOS: https://apple.co/3jQyLWO  (Similar)

Zoom for Gmail

Zoom for Gmail

This is a Gmail extension which helps you hop-in to Zoom meetings very easily. Once installed, whenever you are reading or responding to a mail, you can click on the Zoom Camera Icon on the top bar. A window will pop-up with options to Start or Schedule a meeting instantly. The person with whom you are corresponding, will immediately be sent an invite with all the relevant information and the meeting will be added to your own Zoom meeting schedule.

The add-on also lets you view all meetings that you have scheduled, in the side panel. And, if you are using the Gmail mobile app on Android or iOS, the add-on will appear at the bottom of the screen and you can access all the functions of the add-on right from your phone.

A must have extension for all those who use Zoom frequently!



Miro is a very elegant tool for using digital whiteboards, even if you have never tried such an app before. You can use it on a desktop, a tablet or on your phone. Touchscreens give you the best experience while using Miro.

The main app has a variety of templates such as Kanban boards, flowcharts, mindmaps, etc. It is a great tool to use with teams to brainstorm online.

Collaboration is a key element of Miro. You and team members can chat and messages, add comments, leave sticky notes, and create a centralized note for meeting elements. You can also link and embed in other team apps like Slack. The premium version also includes video chat, voting, and screen sharing.

You may use Miro for Meetings & Workshops, Ideation and Brainstorming, Research & Design, Strategy & Planning and Mapping and Diagramming. Besides, it is multi-platform and works seamlessly for Windows, iOS, Android and macOS. With over 7 million users, it is a product you can use with trust and confidence – you may signup for free and then upgrade anytime, based on your needs.